Janitorial Cleaning Supplies

At Alpha Chemical, we have developed an extensive range of effective janitorial and professional cleaning supplies, including ancillary, housekeeping, and kitchen products. Designed for use in even the most demanding applications in industries like medical, manufacturing, education, hospitality and more, our numerous varieties of cleaners, detergents and stain removers meet the needs of even the most stringent cleaning standards.

Our Professional Janitorial Cleaning Supplies

In order to meet and exceed the needs of the industries we serve, our innovative line of professional cleaning supplies includes products designed specifically for housekeeping applications, kitchen cleaning, and numerous ancillary products. For kitchen and restaurant applications, we offer all purpose degreaser, coffee pot cleaner, fryer cleaner, floor cleaners, oven cleaners, and more. For housekeeping, we offer a wide range of all purpose cleaners, solvents, and bathroom cleaners. Our ancillary product offerings include spray cleaners, stain removers, detergents, and more.

If you aren’t sure which specific products you’ll need for your industry or application, simply contact us, and our product experts will be happy to answer your questions and recommend products that will meet your specifications.

All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach

All purpose cleaner with bleach: An all-purpose cleaner fortified with bleach for cleaning bathrooms, sinks, tubs, tile, toilet bowls, and cutting boards. This product is also a handy laundry pre-spotter for white fabric items.