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Reach new standards of cleanliness and improve cleaning operations in kitchens of all sizes with effective kitchen cleaners from Alpha Chemical. When it comes to kitchen cleaners, there’s no such thing as a one-fits-all solution. At Alpha Chemical, we understand that each step of your kitchen cleaning process requires unique features and cleaning traits. Our extensive range of cleaning products provides a “top-to-bottom” cleaning approach that leaves no surface or appliance out.

If you’re shopping for kitchen cleaners for your commercial or industrial kitchen facility, look no further than Alpha Chemical’s comprehensive range of products including All Purpose Degreaser, Chlorinated Quarry Tile Cleaner, Coffee Pot Cleaner, Deep Fat Fryer Cleaner, Easy Mop Enzyme Floor Cleaner, Foaming Oven Cleaner, Fryer and Grill Cleaner, Glass and Multi-Surface Cleaner, and H-Rama Drain Enzyme. If you have additional questions about our kitchen cleaning products, contact Alpha Chemical today!

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Natural Wood Oil Soap

Natural wood oil soap is safe for cleaning natural wood surfaces, leaving behind a clean, glossy shine. Lemon – scented leaves a pleasant smell. Safe for use on marble surfaces also!