Warewashing Cleaning

Alpha Chemical’s Warewashing Program has been developed to meet our customers’ needs with a complete line of quality and affordable warewash products. Our line includes manual and machine warewashing detergents, rinse additives, presoaks, sanitizers and delimers in a broad selection of packaging.

What is Warewashing?

Warewashing is the 3 step process of washing, rinsing, and desanitizing dirty kitchen equipment and utensils. Warewashing can be done manually (by hand) or automatically (by machine), but in either case separate chemicals are used for each step in the process. Detergents are used in washing, the rinse ensures no residual detergents are left, and finally sanitizers kill any remaining bacteria to ensure the utensils are clean and safe to use.

Custom Warewashing Products

Alpha Chemical will work with you in the development of your own distinctive private label. Using your logo we can design a label that complies with all regulations and provides you with your own private label warewashing brand. These quality products combined with your label, service and reputation will build customer loyalty and brand recognition within your marketplace.

Alpha Chemical backs its warewashing program with the highest level of in-house support in field sales and technical support. We at Alpha understand the challenges distributors face selling to the foodservice industry today. Margins are constantly under attack by increasing costs of transportation, labor, dispensing equipment, insurance, and chemical product. Those in the industry who undertake full responsibility for maintaining their customer’s dishwashing machines are painfully aware of how a slight error or lapse in service can result in emergency calls that wipe out profits of a month’s or more sales. We understand motivated technicians are key to success in the distribution business. Our team’s experience in service and delivery logistics makes a tremendous difference in your level of success.

Alpha has the unusual capability of providing help in all phases of a chemical distributor start-up. Our warewashing team not only have many years’ experience on the street, but also experience in the start-up and long term management of warewash distribution firms. It is one thing to be a successful professional in sanitation and warewash supply and service, but quite another to have the capability of setting up warehousing, delivery, customer communications, new technician training, vendors for parts and other supplies, technician routing, along with the myriad of other aspects in running a full service warewashing business. Alpha has the knowledge at our customers’ disposal.

One of the greatest services Alpha provides to customers is our custom formulating expertise in combination with our quick turnaround in product development. A distributor’s opportunities shouldn’t be limited by their manufacturer’s cumbersome layers of bureaucracy and stagnant product line. Getting products developed can take months. However, at Alpha Chemical we’re well prepared and eager to apply our formulating expertise to create new cleaning products in a short period of time. Customers can quickly improve upon existing jobs, and quickly seize upon an existing opportunities.

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Undercounter Dish Machine Detergent

Formula cleans tough to remove stains. Designed for commercial under-the-counter dish machines. Safe for use on aluminum. Concentrated use only one packet, or two packets for hard water. For tough cleaning jobs presoak items in a solution of one packet of dish powder to one quart of hot water. Do not presoak silver or cast iron items.