Food Service Cleaning Solutions

Professional Kitchen & Restaurant Cleaning Supplies

Demonstrate unmatched sanitation and safety in food service environments with food service cleaning chemicals and supplies from Alpha Chemical. Our line of detergents feature effective formulations for large scale food service pot and pan washing operations. Restaurant and food industry supply companies trust our food service supplies for their ability to consistently outperform the competition, while remaining competitively priced and offering an unmatched variety.

If your customers require the most concentrated and effective detergents for food service cleaning operations, Alpha Chemical has the chemical formulations you need. Choose from automatic dishwashing detergents, like our Liquid Metal Safe detergent., which is expertly designed to be safe for use on aluminum and other soft metals. We also offer 3 varieties of pot and pan detergents including Blue Suds, Pink Suds, and Lemon Suds. Each offers heavy grease fighting ability in an economical, concentrated formulation.

If you aren’t sure which detergent will best suit your needs, or would like to discuss the benefits and strengths of each, we would be happy to speak with you. Simply contact us and we will answer your questions so you can feel confident you’re ordering the right products for your specific application.

Blue Pot & Pan Detergent

With a lemon scent Blue Pot & Pan Detergent quickly attacks heavy grease and grime on pots and pans. Use only 2-3 ounces per sink for sparkling clean effective-yet-economical results.