Brewery Cleaning Chemicals

Sanitation in the brewing and winemaking industry is more important today than ever. You need confidence in your chemical supplier that it can provide the most up-to-date products and cleaning procedures available. At Alpha, we understand that and make it our priority to constantly remain ahead of the curve with innovative products, procedures, and equipment available to the brewing and winemaking industry.

Accelerate Caustic Cleaner Additive

This caustic cleaner additive combines the cleaning power of hydrogen peroxide to CIP caustic cleaning solutions by pulling electrons from the molecules of soils in the clean-up process. Unlike hydrogen peroxide, Accelerate:

  • Packaged in 4 lb. containers, ACCELERATE can be easily handled and poured into CIP cleaning solutions
  • Prevents build-up of minerals & beer-stone
  • Kills foam which interferes with cleaning efficiency
  • Wets surfaces faster, allowing sodium hydroxide to penetrate and remove difficult soils more effectively
  • Brightens stainless steel