Automatic Dishwashing Detergents

At Alpha Chemical, we’re committed to helping our clients expedite their internal processes and improve ease of operations in their food service industry facilities. Our effective dishwashing detergent, Liquid Metal Safe is a liquid detergent designed for safe and effective use on metals including aluminum and other soft metals. With years of experience serving the food service industry with high quality products, our detergents are designed for even the heaviest soil conditions. Our dishwashing detergents feature the traits required by food service facilities including fast and clean rinsing results and ease of use in any water condition.

At Alpha Chemical, we are committed our our customers satisfaction and strive to formulate products that directly address their unique needs.If you have additional questions about our dishwashing detergents or you need to request a custom formulation for the unique specifications of your unique application or facility requirements, contact us today.

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Liquid Metal Safe

Our safe liquid metal is designed to be dependable for use on soft metals such as Aluminum. Formulated to maintain top efficiency in heavy soil conditions. Totally free rinsing and recommended for use in all water conditions.

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