Ancillary Items

Improve ease of janitorial operations in facilities of all types with effective ancillary products from Alpha Chemical. Our extensive selection of ancillary items provide a comprehensive range of cleaning products for every janitorial task. Choose from our most popular cleaning products including All Purpose Cleaner with bleach, Marvelous General Purpose Cleaner, Mint Cleaner, Ocean Power Laundry Detergent, Odor Out Plus, Oxygen Stain Remover, Restore Calcium and Lime Remover, and Wild Cherry Deodorizer and Absorbent.

At Alpha Chemical, we formulate our products with the unique needs of our clients in mind. We serve numerous industries, and strive to develop effective products that will tackle even the toughest soil in countless applications. From washing linens to cleaning floors and facilities, our ancillary products satisfy the unique requirements and stringent standards of nearly every industry. If you require more information about our ancillary products or you require a custom formulation, contact us today!

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Wild Cherry Deodorizer and Absorbent

A cherry scented deodorizing biological treatment for dumpsters, trash bins, and garbage cans. Add eight ounces to an empty dumpster for best results. Most dumpster odor is caused by what is on the bottom of the dumpster. Moisture in the dumpster activates the odor destroying bacteria in Wild Cherry Odor out. Can also be use an absorbent for obnoxious odors. Every restaurant should have a container of Wild Cherry Odor Out at the waitress station for those unfortunate incidents where a child is sick. Wild Cherry odor Out quickly covers the problem eliminating the odor and facilitating rapid clean up.