Alpha Chemical Launches New Veracity Line of Brewery Cleaning Products

Craft Brewers Conference LogoApril 2018 – Alpha Chemical will be attending the 2018 Craft Brewery Conference in Nashville to unveil our new line of Veracity™ brewery cleaning products. The product launch comes at a time when more and more small craft breweries popping up around the nation have yielded an increased need for brewery sanitation products. While many small brewery operators currently utilize small-scale or homebrew processes, many find a need for products that are more effective, efficient, and easy to use as their business grows.

Veracity™ Products Offer Unique Brewery Sanitation Solutions

Veracity LogoVeracity™ is a full line of brewery-specific cleaning products that use color to show when your equipment is clean. This unique color changing system provides a number of benefits:

  • It’s Science – Predetermined pH levels trigger the color changes
  • Clean Under Pressure – There’s no need to sample
  • Instantly and Easily Deployable – No changing equipment or processes
  • No Waste – Your crew knows the moment it’s clean
  • Less Worry – Supervisors can tell at a glance when it’s working and when it’s not

Specific Veracity™ products offered by Alpha Chemical will include:

Veracity™ Acid Cleaner – 10x the strength of the average cleaner but still safer for everyone and everything. Fully compatible with canning like equipment.

Veracity™ Caustic Cleaner – A caustic draft line cleaner that takes the doubt, and the waste, out of this critical, final cleaning job.

Veracity™ Jockey Box Cleaner – An alkaline line cleaner specifically formulated to be safe with soft metals.

Complete Program – Alpha Chemical provides complete sanitation programs and can help ensure regulatory compliance.

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