Hop Oil Removal Cleaning Procedures

Hop Oil RemovalBreweries are growing exponentially and many are realizing that the practices they used in their small brewery don’t work on a large scale.

And just to make things tougher, along come these new, crazy-high-hop-load beers. Sure they’re popular, but they’re also incredibly hard to clean off of tanks. Who has the time (or the staff) for all that hand scrubbing?

Alpha Chemical is here to help. We have developed a cleaning program based on patented technology that can remove this problem – no questions asked.

These programs are based on new technology, grounded in the real world and time-tested practices; put together and approved by a team with over 300 years of combined experience in the Food & Beverage industry.

If you’re looking to up your game, you should first focus on:
Brew Cleaning Steps
Hop Oil Removal Procedure

Adopting this cleaning procedure will remove hop oil. However, hop oil is stubborn when based on. Baked-on hop oil can appear to have been removed after cleaning (See photo 3) but will reveal itself after the surface has dried (see photo 4).
Hop Oil in Kettle

Baked-On Hop Oil Removal

No Rinse, Really?
Yes, we recommend a no-rinse cycle in between the acid and caustic for this application.

This prevents hop oil from resetting after the acid helped remove the hop oil.

Before & After Hop Oil Removal

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