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Terminate Acid Quat Sanitizer

Quat Chemical

Terminate is an EPA registered quat chemical, ammonium acid-based sanitizer designed for use in the food processing industry. Terminate is approved as a no rinse sanitizer at a dilution of 1 ounce per 4 gallons of water (200 ppm). Terminate is effective against gram positive bacteria and spores. This quat solution sanitizer’s effectiveness is enhanced by its low pH. Its formulation with phosphoric acid and residual sanitizing action make terminate effective in the sanitizing of produce processing plants, bakeries, and seafood, meat, beverage and poultry plants.

What is Quat Sanitizer?

Quat sanitizer (quaternary ammonium acid based sanitizer) is a surfactant cleaning chemical that is typically used in hospitals and food processing plants. It’s no-rinse and antimicrobial qualities make it a desirable alternative to other surfactants.

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