For the toughest grime and hardened food soils on flatware, dishes, and utensils, our effective liquid and solid presoak offer an unmatched combination of environmentally preferred ingredients and sparkling results. Unlike many other products on the market, ours uses EPA recognized Safer Chemistry ingredients and no bleach. Our formulas instead contain surfactants which remove stuck on food without damaging flatware like corrosive bleach does. Ideal for a wide range of materials, from silver to plastic, china and other metals, our presoaks offer unmatched versatility while remaining environmentally safer than the most popular presoaks sold in stores.

Choose from liquid or solid presoak depending on your application and requirements, or contact us to request a custom formulation. Our knowledgeable associates will be happy to tell you more about our products and make recommendations based on your needs.

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Solid Presoak

Solid detergent formulation for manual presoaking of flatware, silver and other utensils. Loosens and removes dried and hardened food soils from flatware, silver, china, plastic and serving utensils. Metal safe formula. Recognized for Safer Chemistry by the EPA Design for the Environment (DfE) Program.