Automatic Dishwashing Detergents

Highly Effective Eco-Friendly Solutions for Superior Cleaning

At Alpha Chemical we produce an extensive range of effective automatic dishwashing detergents, formulated to be as environmentally low-impact as possible. Our line of environmentally preferred dishwashing detergents offers the combination of effectiveness and safe ingredients to ensure unmatched results at a reasonable price point. At Alpha Chemical, our automatic dishwashing detergents are developed specifically for automatic dishwashers in high-use facilities like commercial kitchens and applications in food processing. If you have questions about our detergents or you require a custom formulation, contact us today!

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Solid Dish Detergent

Solid dish detergent formulated for use in automatic dishwashing machines. Convenient solid packaging safely cleans glassware, dishes, silverware, plastic, pots & pans and cooking utensils. Metal safe formula. Effective in all water conditions. Recognized for Safer Chemistry by the EPA Design for the Environment (DfE) Program.