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If you’re looking for a spray cleaner for the mechanical cleaning of polycarbonate, Poly Wash from Alpha Chemical is exactly what you need. Our unique formula offers the best defense against your high soil loads with a proprietary formulation of specialty surfactants and builders. Unlike other products on the market, it offers a low foaming formula with easy rinsing, minimizing carryover and helping to expedite your cleaning application.

Poly Wash is specifically designed for applications in the food and beverage processing industry, making it ideal for the unique needs of facilities like meat and poultry processing facilities. If you have questions about Poly Wash or require a custom spray cleaner that suits your specific needs, we will be happy to help; just contact us today!

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Poly Wash

Poly wash is a liquid spray cleaner formulated specifically for the mechanical cleaning of polycarbonate. Poly wash is low foaming, even with high soils loads. Specialty surfactants and builders help provide exceptional rinsing and reduce carry over.

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