Sanitizers & Disinfectants

Disinfectants and sanitizers are an important part of any food and beverage processing operation. If you’re shopping for an ideal disinfectant or sanitizer for your food processing facility, Alpha Chemical offers the most extensive range of expertly formulated solutions for the unique requirements of food processing applications of all sorts.

At Alpha Chemical, we offer 7 different varieties of sanitizer products, including Alpha Bac 1.6 Detergent Disinfectant, Alpha Bac 10 Quaternary Sanitizer, Alpha Dyne Germicidal Sanitizer, Alpha SAN 300 Sanitizer for Third Sink, ICS, Low Temperature Sanitizer, and Terminate. If you have questions about which product would be ideal for your application or you require a custom formulation, contact us today.

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Terminate Sanitizer

Terminate is an acid quaternary disinfectant and sanitizer for use in food processing applications.

Alpha Chemicals selection of disinfectant and cleaning supplies is unmatched. For more about our products, please contact us today!