Sanitizers and Disinfectants

Use of the correct sanitizers and disinfectants for the job will not only help your customer to keep their physical plant clean and sanitary to ensure good inspections but will also put them at the first line of defense against foodborne illness. Factors such as length of contact time, ease of use, temperature of the rinse water, and the length of time that a solution needs to last, all need to be taken into account in order to be sure that the sanitizer will perform properly. With access to the Alpha Chemical line, you will have twelve products available to enable you to tailor the sanitizing program to your customer’s needs.

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Ready To Use Sanitizer

A ready to use Quaternary Sanitizer. Requires no rinse. For sanitizing Cutting Boards, Food Processors, Blenders, Cutlery, Slurpy Machines, and Counter Tops.