Manual Cleaning Products

If your food or beverage processing application requires manual cleaners for removing protein stains on stainless steel and other surfaces. Our manual cleaners are formulated with a combination of traits ideal for the specific requirements of the food and beverage processing industry. Our GMC 800 is a powdered manual cleaning product which is gentle enough for soft metals while offering unmatched effectiveness in the removal of buildup and stains. Our GMC 400 is a chlorinated powder formula which is capable of removing even the worst protein stains from stainless steel surfaces.

When you shop Alpha Chemical, you can select from our 2 popular manual cleaner options, or if you aren’t sure which will best suit your needs, we can help! Contact us to learn more about these products or to request a custom formulation uniquely suited to your specifications. Our helpful product specialists will be glad to assist you.

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GMC 800

GMC 800 is a general manual cleaning powdered cleaning compound for cleaning soft metals and stainless steel surfaces and for use with mechanical cleaning devices. GMC cleaning products contain no chlorine and can be used in all types of water conditions.

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