Medium Duty Cleaners

If you’re shopping for medium duty food processing cleaners for your food or beverage processing facility, look no further. Alpha Chemical offers the most extensive selection of medium duty cleaners formulated for the unique requirements of the food processing industry. Make your selection from our 5 choices including 501 Wallop Non-Caustic foaming detergent, Alpha DeFoame Food Grade Defoaming Agent, Alpha Formula 99 Floor Cleaner & Degreaser, LSC-200 Non-Caustic CIP Liquid Detergent, and Metal Safe Powdered Non-Caustic CIP Detergent.

At Alpha, we have worked to develop a comprehensive line of medium duty cleaners which offer the unique performance traits required by the food and beverage processing industry. Our cleaners are formulated for use on an extensive range of surfaces in all types of facilities including bakeries, meat, fish and poultry processing facilities, and more. If you need more information about our medium duty food processing cleaners or you require a custom formulation, contact us today!

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Metal Safe Powdered Non-Caustic CIP Detergent

Metal Safe is an effective powdered, non-foaming, non caustic cleaner that can be used on tough soils and is safe for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals in use dilution. It can be used in mechanical pan or dish washers or in CIP systems. Metal Safe is effective in the cleaning of aluminum sheet pans, racks and totes or anywhere a non-corrosive detergent is needed. Use dilutions may vary from 0.05% to 0.50% solution depending on the severity of the soil. A micrometer may be used to check conductivity and product strength.

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