Floor Cleaners

You already know the importance of a clean floor in your food processing facility. It makes sense to purchase a high-quality floor cleaner that you can trust to prevent the spread of contaminants and bacteria. At Alpha Chemical, we formulate our floor cleaners for the unique needs of food processing facilities of all types. Our proprietary chemical formulations offer effective cleaning in a concentrated form that makes our products more cost-effective than the most popular floor cleaners on the market.

At Alpha Chemical we offer 3 different formulations of floor cleaners for food processing facilities, including Big A, a low foam alkaline detergent for floor scrubbing machines, Floor Chlor, a low foam chlorinated cleaner, and Floor Clen 300, a liquid cleaning compound ideal for floor scrubbing machines. If you have questions about any of these products or require a custom formulation for your unique requirements, contact us today!

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Floor Clen 300 Floor Cleaner

A liquid floor cleaning compound for use in floor scrubbing machines.