Chlorinated Cleaners

Our chlorinated cleaner offers the power of chlorine with the grime removal power of our proprietary formulations. Our line of chlorinated cleaners has been formulated to address the cleaning concerns of the food and beverage processing industries. Chlorinated cleaners can be used on an extensive range of surfaces and equipment, offering a streamlined system for deep cleaning your facility with confidence.

At Alpha Chemical, we offer 5 different formulations of chlorinated cleaners including Chlor-foam Foaming Chlorinated Detergent, IPC-400 Powdered CIP Chlorinated Detergent, LAC-300 Liquid CIP Chlorinated Detergent, LD-300 Foaming Chlorinated Detergent, and LD-500 Foaming Aluminum Safe Chlorinated Detergent. If you have questions about these products or you require a custom formulation for your application, contact Alpha Chemical Services today!

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LD-500 Foaming Aluminum Safe Chlorinated Detergent

Alpha LD-500 is a high foaming, chlorinated detergent which is designed for use in the food processing industry. It is a highly concentrated formulation and when applied through a mechanical air operated foaming device produces thick, stable foam to clean surfaces such as aluminum and galvanized and anywhere caustics may cause damage. LD-500 is effective in the cleaning of produce processing plants, seafood, meat, beverage and poultry plants.