CIP and Soak Cleaning

Specially Formulated Caustic Detergent

If you’re looking for a caustic detergent for your soak cleaning application, Alpha Chemical offers the selection of CIP and soak cleaning products you require. Our heavy duty caustic cleaners are designed to remove even the toughest soils in the food and beverage processing industries. Our concentrated products are formulated to clean surfaces, utensils and equipment in food processing plants including those in meat, seafood, and poultry processing plants, baking facilities and more.

At Alpha Chemical, we offer 8 different types of CIP soak detergents and caustic cleaning products, including Alpha Sheen Liquid CIP Caustic Cleaner, CC-200 Powdered Caustic CIP Detergent, CC-400, CIP 9, Hook & Trolley Cleaner, IPC 200, LAC-200, and LC-40. Click each individual product for detailed product information, or if you have further questions or require a custom formulation, contact Alpha Chemical today.

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LC-40 Soak Tank Cleaner

A low foam CIP and soak tank cleaner.