Aluminum Safe Cleaners

If you’re looking for an aluminum safe cleaner, Alpha Chemical offers the options you need for your food and beverage processing applications. With an aluminum safe cleaner, you can effectively clean countertops and processing equipment made from aluminum. Our expertly formulated cleaners are designed to be gentle enough to clean aluminum, while strong enough to effectively dissolve food and beverage preparation residue.

At Alpha Chemical, we offer an extensive selection of options to help you find the ideal cleaner for your specific application. Our aluminum safe cleaners include Aluminum Foam Cleaner and Aluminum Spray Cleaner, both of which can be used on aluminum and other soft metal surfaces. If you have questions about these cleaners or require a custom formulation for your unique specifications, please contact us today.

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Aluminum Spray Cleaner

A powdered spray wash for both spray and soak cleaning where low foam characteristics are important. Safe for use on aluminum and soft metal surfaces.