Food Intervention Equipment

High quality food intervention equipment can make a monumental difference in the productivity and precision of your food processing facility. At Alpha Chemical, we offer the most extensive range of devices designed for ease of use and unmatched convenience. Switching to an automated system from an outdated piece of equipment or a manual process can save you time and money.

At Alpha Chemical, we offer 7 different types of food intervention equipment, designed for the specific functions of food processing facilities of all sizes. Choose from options including Automated Activation Non-Electric Systems, BCI Cold Fog Applicators, On-Line Activation Systems, TITAN High Volume Chlorine Dioxide Generators, Triple Injection On-Line Activation Systems, Wall Mixing Stations, and Wall Mount Automated Activation Non-Electric Systems. If you have questions about which equipment types will best suit or supplement your existing food processing applications, contact Alpha Chemical, and one of our helpful product specialists will be happy to answer your questions.

Automated Activation Non-Electric System

A convenient way to achieve product activation for continuous large volume applications. Economical system. Eliminates the need for manual mixing and dilution. Automatically refills the reservoir with an active product as needed. No electricity or wiring required. Delivers correct concentration for wide range of applications. Easy to install, only one water connection required. Options available: Tank sizes 15 gallon, 55 gallon and other custom sizes. Spigot and Stand available.