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Auto detailers, mechanics, and car washes can benefit from the cleaning properties of towel soaps, which make laundering car wash supplies simpler. For the dirt, grime, and grease that are an everyday part of vehicle repair and cleaning businesses, effective towel soaps are a must-have! At Alpha, the line of powerful towel soaps we formulate are a necessary addition to mechanic, auto detailer, and car wash supplies for business around the country. Choose from Ocean Power laundry detergent, Towel laundry soap, or #513 Laundry Detergent, each of which offers unique benefits that automotive businesses demand.

Why Shop Alpha Chemical
If you’re shopping for vehicle protectants, look no further than Alpha Chemical. We formulate and sell the most effective automotive cleaning products in the industry, including our line of popular towel soaps and laundry detergents. Our advanced detergents are formulated for the unique requirements of car washes, mechanics, and vehicle detailing businesses. Our expertly formulated and effective vehicle protectants have been developed with a focus on grease and dirt removal, combining powerful chemicals to remove even the heaviest soil and stains. If you aren’t sure that our towel soaps options satisfy the requirements of your application, or you require a custom formulation, contact us today.

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Towel Laundry Soap

Heavy duty towel and uniform detergent. Excellent grease cutting ability takes out grease, dirt and stains and leaves your towels extremely clean and fresh. Extends your towel life and is an exceptional value. Dilutions up to 1 oz. per 100 lb load.