Wheel Cleaners and Tire Shine

Car washes, auto detailers, and vehicle retailers can benefit from the superior cleaning ability of wheel cleaners and tire shine products. At Alpha Chemical, we formulate four different varieties of effective wheel cleaners and tire shine products, including Liquid Alkaline wheel cleaner, Non-foaming wheel cleaner, Safe Acid Wheel Cleaner and the popular Sparkling Wheel Brightener. Each formulation offers unique benefits and superior cleaning traits which businesses in the auto cleaning and detailing industries require. Our wheel cleaners are powerful enough to break down corrosive dirt, grease, and grime, and our tire shine makes tires look new again, giving vehicles that brand new look at customers love.

Why Choose Alpha Chemical
When you work with Alpha Chemical, you’ll have access to the extensive range of effective automotive cleaning products we formulate. Our high quality automotive cleaning products are uniquely formulated for the specific requirements of car washing and detailing businesses. Our effective wheel cleaners and tire shine products provide unmatched results which include superior dirt removal and a lasting and visible shine. If you’re not yet sure that our wheel cleaners will suit your needs, or you require a custom formulation contact us today.

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Sparkling Wheel Brightener

A heavy duty, powdered, alkaline white wall and rim cleaner. Cuts through heavy deposits of grease and grime quickly and its deep penetrating actions lifts away embedded soils from surface. Rinses completely, leaving no residue, does not contain caustics and does not produce any unpleasant odors. Formulated with a built-in color indicator to indicate strength of solution and to ensure the complete rinsing of surface.