Drying Agents

Car washes, auto detailers and vehicle retailers can benefit from the superior hydrophobic properties of an effective car wash drying agent. At Alpha Chemical, we develop the drying agents that allow car wash customers to drive away with a sparkling clean vehicle, free of water spots and unsightly streaks. Our effective drying agent product is the only solution your auto detailer or car wash business needs - as it provides results which outperform competitor brands and keep customers coming back.

Why Shop Alpha Chemical?
Here at Alpha Chemical, we formulate our products to serve the specific needs of applications in the automotive industry. Our chemical drying agents have been developed with a focus on drying speed and a stain-free finish, the traits required by the most demanding car washes and cleaning applications. If you’re not yet sure that our drying agent will meet the requirements of your application, or you need a custom product, contact us today.

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Alpha Drying Agent

Alpha Drying Agent is a concentrated drying agent that is designed to be injected in the final rinse to improve the bead-up and run-off of water, therefore aiding in drying. This product will leave a superior gloss on finishes. It will also provide corrosion protection to unpainted metals. Alpha Drying Agent will not streak or smudge glass. Dilutions up to 1200 to 1