Car Body Soaps

Car washes can build a reputation for effectiveness and enjoy the benefits of repeat clientele with car soap options that leave automotive paint and windows sparkling. Here at Alpha Chemical, we formulate effective car body soaps which are available in 6 different varieties, each of which offers a different combination of benefits. Our premium car soap options are developed for ultimate cleaning benefits, with traits like low PH, which prevent corrosion and leave vehicle bodies shiny and free of grime and dirt. We offer car body soaps in a variety of configurations, including foam, liquid, and powdered vehicle wash. Each type of soap provides car washes, auto detailers, and other vehicle maintenance businesses with the specific cleaning strengths they require.

Why Shop Alpha Chemical?
At Alpha Chemical, our proprietary car soaps are formulated with the goal of outperforming other products by demonstrating the unique benefits and custom traits required by the industries we serve. Our car body soaps have been developed with vehicle cleaning industry applications in mind, offering the cleaning abilities that car wash companies, car detailing facilities, and other vehicle service businesses need most. If you’re interested in learning which product will work best for your application, or you need a custom car body soap, contact us today.

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Premium Pink Car Soap

This high foaming pink colored body soap cleans like no others. Your customers will love the fresh pink color and copious foam yet the product is easily rinsed from the surface. Extreme value product with dilutions up to 1/2 oz. per gallon of water.