Foaming Polishes

Car washes can add visual appeal and powerful polishing power to the car wash experience with foaming car polish products. At Alpha Chemical, we produce effective, brightly colored, high foaming polishes in blue, gold, and pink. Popular at car washes around the country, these brilliant colors add character to the automatic car wash experience. Your customers will love the show, and will pay more for your premium washes; boosting your revenue and resulting in repeat business. Our premium foaming car polishes break off vehicle surface when rinsed, leaving a clean shining car. Concentrated for the best value, our car polishes offer dilutions up to 1/2 oz. per gallon of water.

Why Shop Alpha Chemical

At Alpha Chemical, we expertly formulate our automotive cleaning products to serve the specific needs of car washes around the country. Our high quality foaming car polish has been developed with a focus on the clean rinsing and high shine finish that keeps customers coming back. If you’re not yet sure that our car polishes will meet the requirements of your application, or you need a custom formulation, contact us today.

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Super Pink Foaming Polish

Brightly colored high foaming pink polish. Your customers will love the show and will increase your premium washes and your revenue. Product easily breaks off vehicle surface when rinsed leaving a clean shining car. Dilutions up to 1/2 oz. per gallon of water.