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Versatile Formula Specially Designed for Use on Seats, Glass, and Carpet

Car detailers, auto detailers, and rental companies can benefit from effective car interior cleaner products designed for use on seats, glass, and carpet. At Alpha Chemical, we produce a comprehensive range of carpet and car interior cleaner products. We offer 4 different varieties of carpet and interior cleaners, including floor cleaner, glass cleaner, carpet cleaner, and more. Each one of our cleaners is developed specifically for the automotive detailers and retailers who wish to offer their customers the utmost performance. Our products outperform competitor brands with proprietary formulations which provide unmatched results, lifting and removing dirt and grime, leaving vehicle carpets and interiors clean and free of unsightly stains.

Why Shop Alpha Chemical?
At Alpha Chemical, we formulate our products to serve the specific needs of applications in the automotive industry. Our line of carpet and interior cleaners has been developed with a combination of custom traits and benefits required by the most demanding automotive detailing and cleaning applications. If you’re interested in learning which car interior cleaner product will best suit the requirements of your application, or you need a custom carpet or car interior cleaner, contact us today.

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Solvit Carpet Shampoo

Superior carpet, upholstery and interior shampoo for all vehicle surfaces. Completely biodegradable, fast drying, low foaming, excellent degreasing qualities make this an ideal one-step interior cleaner and detailing product. Pleasantly scented. Dilutions up to 1 oz. per gallon of water.