Fragrances & Odor Eliminators

Car detailers and used car retailers can benefit from the effective odor eliminating power of car fragrance products. At Alpha Chemical, the air fresheners and car fragrance products we formulate are designed to emphasize the refreshed interior of vehicles following auto detailing and cleaning services. Our effective and pleasant odor eliminators are available in scents like natural lavender, natural lemon, and wild cherry. For odor elimination without additional fragrance, we offer Odor Out Plus. No matter what your car detailing or auto cleaning application requires, one of our formulations will suit your needs.

Why Choose Alpha Chemical
When you choose Alpha Chemical, you’ll have access to the extensive range of effective automotive cleaning products formulate. Our automotive cleaning products are made to serve the unique requirements of car detailing businesses around the country. Our high quality vehicle fragrances and odor eliminators have been developed with an emphasis on scent quality and effective odor removal. If you’re not yet sure that our car fragrance options will meet the requirements of your application, or you need a custom car fragrance formulation, contact us today.

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Wild Cherry Air Freshener

Clean natural cherry air freshener that can be sprayed directly into the vehicle or just added to the interior shampoo when doing a detail. Highly concentrated cherry fragrance. Dilutions up to 1/2 oz per gallon of water.