Interior and Exterior Dressings

Auto detailers, car washes, and auto retailers can benefit from the shine-producing benefits of interior and exterior car dressing products. Our Alpha Shine All Dressing and water based High Shine Tire Dressing are best sellers in the industry for a reason. Our high quality dressings are formulated to protect vehicle bodies and tires from the damaging effects of things like UV rays, ozone, and more. Our Alpha Shine All is gentle enough to use on vinyl and leather, and leaves a shine that adds the ideal finishing touch to auto detailing services. Our car dressing products are formulated for impressive results that help increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

Why Shop Alpha Chemical
At Alpha Chemical, we formulate and sell the most effective automotive cleaning products in the industry. Our advanced car dressing products are made to serve the unique needs of vehicle detailing businesses around the country. Our expertly formulated and effective vehicle dressing products have been developed with a focus on end results, a high-shine finish, and the ability to protect all parts of the vehicle from even the harshest natural conditions. If you’re not yet sure that our car dressing options suit the requirements of your application, or you require a custom car dressing formulation, contact us today.

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Water Based High-Shine Tire Dressing

A water-based, tire-shine protectant for use on tires and for other rubber surfaces of vehicles. Provides protection from ozone, ultraviolet rays and oxygen that crack, dull or harden surfaces. Beautifies as it protects. It will enhance the appearance of tires.