Superior Auto Paint Protection

Car washes, auto retailers, vehicle renters, and auto detailers can benefit from the effective weather-resistant properties of auto paint protection products. We formulate three unique varieties of vehicle protectant, each of which offers superior benefits like beading and a high shine finish. Choose from clear coat protectant, lavender clear coat, or foaming clear coat. Any of these choices will provide your customers with protection they can see. Our clear coat protectant can be used in any type of carwash, including full service, self service, exterior only, and in-bay automatic, offering unmatched versatility that leaves customers satisfied and vehicles shining.

Why Shop Alpha Chemical
If you’re shopping for vehicle protectants, look no further than Alpha Chemical. We formulate and sell the most effective automotive cleaning products in the industry, including our line of popular auto paint protection products like protectants. Our advanced protectants are formulated to satisfy the unique needs of car washes and vehicle detailing businesses around the country. Our expertly formulated and effective vehicle protectants have been developed with a focus on end results, offering a high-shine finish and the ability to protect vehicle exteriors from weather and more. If you’re not yet sure that our car protectants options suit the requirements of your application, or you require a custom formulation, contact us today.

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Foaming Clear Coat Protectant

Foaming Clear Coat is a protectant that is formulated to create a foaming action while conditioning and protecting the vehicles clear coat finish. It is designed to be used (directly injected) in the clear coat protectant step of any full-service, self-service, exterior only, or in-bay automatic car wash. It may also be used as a foam polish. Visible foaming actions allows the customer to know that the product is being applied and then dissipates within seconds, leaving behind a superior shine.

What is Clear Coat Protectant?

Clear coat protectant is a silicone polymer that coats the surface of a vehicle’s clear coat to provide additional protection and brilliant shine. It is often used as a substitute for waxing as its application is much easier and more convenient.