Car Wash Prep Soaps

Industry-Leading Car Wash Soap

Car washing facilities and auto retailers can wow their customers with effective car wash soap options that leave automotive exteriors shining. At Alpha Chemical, we formulate 5 different types of car wash soap, all of which offer unique benefits for the cleaning of vehicle exteriors. Our advanced automotive prep soaps can help car washes and other vehicle maintenance facilities build a reputation for quality, attracting repeat clientele and producing repeatable, incomparable results. Our car wash prep soaps are designed to clean, removing grime and grease, while leaving no unsightly residue.

Why Shop Alpha Chemical?
At Alpha, our proprietary formulations are developed with the goal of outperforming competitor products by offering the unique traits and custom features required by the industries we serve. Our car wash prep soaps have been formulated with the consumer in mind, providing the cleaning abilities that car wash companies, car detailing facilities, and other vehicle service businesses require. If you’re interested in discussing which product will work best for your application, or you need a custom car wash soap, contact us today.

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Touchless Car Wash

An alkaline, foaming, liquid detergent formulated for use in the touch-free and hybrid car and truck wash facilities. It performs excellent in several applications including vehicle shampoo, wheel and tire cleaning and prep areas. It may be applied through low-pressure foam or via spray equipment. Penetrates and loosens road film and bug residues without scrubbing. It rinses easily and completely, leaving a film-free, shining surface. Contains no phosphates, caustics or acids.