At Alpha Chemical, our aerosol cleaners combine the powerful cleaning results of our innovative formulations with the convenient application and product distribution of an aerosol spray. Our aerosol products include Carpet Cleaner & Deodorizer and Glass Cleaner. Our carpet cleaner combines a unique blend of natural chemicals that break down even the deepest embedded dirt and organic matter. Our glass cleaner offers streak-free cleaning with the power to remove all types of grime and even insect matter from glass. The aerosol application both cleaners simple to apply and ideal for applications in industries like automotive, fleet, marine, and more.

If you have questions about our aerosol products or you would like to request a custom formulation, contact us today! Our expert chemists will be happy to speak with you and offer a solution to your unique specifications.

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Glass Cleaner

Light foam cleaner with fresh, clean fragrance that quickly cuts through and removes dirt, grime, grease, insect matter from glass. Wipes off quickly leaving no streaks or haze and no residue or film. Makes cleaning fast, safe, and easy. Excellent for automotive, fleet, marine, aircraft, recreational vehicle, windshields and windows. Perfect for professional detailing and window tinting, installation and repair operations.