Integrated Pest Management

Since 1969, Alpha Chemical Services, Inc.’s quality sanitation products and integrated pest management services have helped customers produce food that is safe from harmful microbes and pathogens. These “bugs” that you can’t see with the naked eye are significantly amplified by the “bugs” that you can see, such as insect pests and rodents. Also, speaking of “bugs” many of our customers feel as if their pest control program could be improved in many ways; such as better communication, more comprehensive reporting and overall more empathy and care for their needs. For these very reasons, we have carefully selected Food and Drug and The Bug, LLC (FDB) as a business partner. Through this joint venture, Alpha Chemical now offers quality integrated pest management wherever food and medicine is produced or handled.

Integrated Pest Management Design and Implementation

Food and Drug and The Bug (FDB)crafts and implements every integrated pest management program with a high degree of input from the customer. IPM Program design considerations include:

  • Facility site, condition and environmental surroundings
  • Historical pest data and pest trends
  • Organic processing and handling
  • Internal & external requirements such as:

– Global Food Safety Initiatives (SQF, BRC)
– 3rd party GMP audits,
– Regulatory (Federal, State and Local)
– Your customer’s requirements and specifications

  • Use of the facility; i.e. an industrial bakery, versus a plant that manufactures plastic or cardboard food containers
  • Budget and other fiscal considerations
  • National Pest Management Association (NPMA) Food Plant Standards
  • Corporate initiatives will be considered if you’re facility is a subsidiary or branch

Your Service Specialists

FDB hires friendly and knowledgeable Service Specialists that are continually trained in food safety and the most progressive pest management techniques and strategies. The Service Specialists are generous with their time and are vigilant with their documentation and record keeping and are always sensitive to your audit needs and requirements.

Technology that is Second to None

Food and Drug and The Bug’s CatScan™ is powered by U-Trap-It™; a software system used by the world’s largest food and medicine producers for their extensive in-house IPM programs. This digital data collection system provides the customer with documentation and reports that are concise, intuitive and accurate. Both the customers and their auditors will have a clear understanding of the integrated pest management (IPM) program in place. Trend reporting is presented and available in a nearly infinite scope, yet it is very user friendly. In addition, active and spatial mapping hones in on specific problem areas in pictorial form to help quickly pin-point pest issues. All reports and documentation are available with a highly secure internet connection for your convenience.

Training & Adult Education

Food and Drug and The Bug offer the finest hands on adult education in the way of:

  • In-house training programs complete with certificates
  • Food Safety & Pest Management Seminars
  • “Tool-box” / On-Demand meetings with your staff as needed

Audit Preparedness & Accompaninment

FDB enjoys keeping their customers audit ready at all times. With advanced notice, an FDB Quality Assurance member will arrive shortly before any audit to provide additional assurance that the IPM program is audit ready; and will attend any audit in support of the integrated pest management program. It is strongly recommended that the customer take advantage of the benefits of FDB’s knowledge base before and during audits.

Integrated Pest Management