Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Effective Aerosol Products

Aerosol industrial cleaning solutions offer the combination of direct and precise application, and effective delivery of product to surface. At Alpha Chemical, we offer both carpet cleaner and deodorizer, as well as glass cleaner in aerosol form. These convenient and powerful cleaners spray evenly, applying product directly to the affected area for optimal performance. Our aerosol chemicals are designed for maximum versatility, offering a wide range of capabilities that make them effective in nearly any industry.

Our aerosol carpet cleaner quickly dissolves grime like dirt and organic residue, removing stains and smells. Our advanced chemical system is capable of removing things like blood, milk, wine, and more. Our light foam glass cleaner quickly removes all unsightly impurities from glass, including dirt, grease, and organic matter. This versatile cleaner offers a fresh scent and is ideal for glass cleaning in any industry. If you’re not sure whether our aerosols will suit your unique needs and specifications, simply contact us, and our product experts will be happy to answer your questions.

Carpet Cleaner & Deodorizer

Provides a two-phase approach to cleaning and deodorizing carpet and fabric. First, the unique, natural chemical system instantly deodorizes and dissolves embedded grime and organic matter. Second, the bio-enzymatic activity begins breaking down the organic residue, eliminating stains and odors at the source. Removes milk, blood, wine, vomit, urine and feces. Provides a safe, natural solution to cleaning and deodorizing carpet and fabric without endangering humans or risking environmental harm.